Wellness at Work – And How Healthy Vending Has a Role


Today, life is fast-paced and stressful. A lot of this stress stems from our working lives. Most of us spend around 60% of waking hours at work. It is essential that, while we can’t eliminate all stresses, we should do what we can to improve employee wellness at work. Flexible working hours, workout facilities and stress relief breaks are all options companies can introduce to benefit their staff.  


Little changes you can make:

Allow dogs in the office

Man’s best friend can make a huge difference to an office environment. Dogs have the natural ability to lift people’s spirits and improve general wellness for everyone in the office. Our office dog Keo comes in every week, much to the amusement of staff and visitors.


Make the most of natural light

This is important, especially in winter when light is only available for a short number of hours. A dingy office does nothing to improve people’s mood. Whether it’s opening up windows or getting lightly coloured desks, lightning up an office is a must. 


Encourage staff to take a break

And we don’t just mean a lunch break. Some offices allow their staff to take 10-15 minutes during work time to sit and chat with colleagues. This means that staff get to waffle about a variety of outside work activities and get to know each other better. It also breathes a level of fun into an otherwise busy and professional day. 

And the big one…healthy vending

Research points to another way to improve wellness, by making it easy for staff to get healthy products. The environment around us is pivotal to our wellness at work. As we spend so much of our time at work, it is essential that our companies play a role. 


People are starting to become more health aware. It’s been a long time coming. But with the obesity crisis at an all-time high and new healthy products entering the market weekly, it’s finally happening. Eating well makes us feel good, so it is good to provide better fuel for your staff during the working day. As we know eating healthy makes us feel better, gives us more energy and makes us more productive. After all, healthy employees are happy employees. And while this is a huge benefit for each individual, companies benefit too. 

Many offices will install vending machines as an easy way to provide snacks and cold/hot drinks for busy staff. But often, these machines are not filled with healthy, nutritious products. Instead encouraging impulse choices for busy people who just want to grab something, rather than popping to the shop. Introducing healthy vending has many benefits including… 

Ease: Vending is one of the easiest ways for people to get a grab and go product. We should make sure the healthy option is the easy option by providing a range of healthy products. 

Snacking culture: We are a snacking society and this is not likely to change. But, the snacks that people consume should. 

 Make money: Vending can bring in an extra income for your organisation. There is no reason why this should change when the products include healthy options. We taste all of our prospective products so we can guarantee they are delicious!

Talk to us about installing a healthy vending machine for your business.