Our Products

Revive had never been one to follow the ‘rules’. Breaking the vending mould is what we do best and that is clear across our product range. While most vending machines will contain just 14% healthy snacks and 35% healthy drinks we aim for 60% of both.


Big Brands

Across the UK brand lovers look to vending to provide their favourite snacks and cold drinks. We stock Coke and Rio as well as popular snacks such as Twix and Walkers crips. These leading brands still have a place in vending. But our growing range of healthy products are driving sales like never before.

Healthy Vending

Customer needs are changing and the demands for healthy products are rising fast. In answer to these calls, we have brought in a variety of healthy products. These delicious newcomers do not just occupy 1 shelf in our machines though. Instead they make up about 60% of the products. This gives customers a huge variety of products to choose from. The selection includes gluten-free and vegan-friendly products as well. There really is something for everyone.