Coffee - The Revive Way

With great coffee comes great responsibility. Our coffee machines are set to ensure a perfect drink. Always tried and tested in our workshop before they are placed in their new home. We can provide all sorts of tea and coffee options including cappuccino and latte or even decaf. The firm favourite is our bean to cup machines which provide a cup of coffee so good you would expect it to be barista made.


Eco-Roast Coffee

What our coffee tastes like is not the only important factor for us. Where is comes from and where the old coffee grounds go to are essential. We source our coffee from a local company called 918 Coffee. They developed a technology for harnessing the energy stored in waste coffee grounds to produce the heat required to roast fresh coffee beans. This means that when they drop off our fresh coffee, we swap with our old coffee grounds which are taken back to their base. A full circular coffee economy.

Fairtrade Drinks

Hot drinks are an essential part of many vending companies. But, not everyone will ensure they use Fairtrade products. All of our coffee and tea products carry the Fairtrade logo. In short, this means that the farmers and workers who produce our products have decent working conditions and are paid a fair wage for what they do. The foundation makes a difference to lives of people who grow the things we love. They go further than wages and working conditions. Fairtrade also help the communities and environments where the produce is grown. You can read more about Fairtrade from our partner Doozy.


Revive Coffee Machines

Vending should not be a ‘one size fits all’. Everyone has their own needs and we ensure that whether you are a university or a busy factory we can find the perfect vending machine for you.