Coffee Machines

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The Vitro

For many organisations, providing hot drinks is essential. From latte to mocha, the Vitro machine provides a variety of high street quality drinks. All our machines are altered by our engineers on site and each drink is lovingly tested by our staff. This means, that by time it reaches you, every drink is perfect. This tabletop machine is ideal for any location due to its size.


The Neo

For a machine with more options, the Neo could be best for you. Each drink tastes just as good as the Vitro, but because of the size of the machine, the Neo can hold more choices. A stand alone machine, its slimline design means it will fit into a relatively small space. The sugar is contained within the machine so there is no need to provide a condiment area. This machine would be perfect when a large variety of options are required, for example decaf.



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