The Future is Tech

Amazon Go The New Vending

Move over vending there's a newbie in town. Self service micromarkets appear to be the answer we are looking for. Need less staff? Micromarkets. Need more product options? Micromarkets. Need fresh food? Micromarkets. America is one step ahead of the game and already has 17,000 micromarkets in operation today, although it has been predicted that in five years there will be over 50,000.  In addition to the cost it saves on staff and the wide range of products, research has shown that micromarkets generate 300% more sales then vending machines.  

Amazon has introduced it's first set of micromarkets under the name Amazon Go. They describe it as a new kind of store with no check out and advanced technology. Their 'just walk out shopping experience' requires the use of the Amazon Go app to enter the store and then the user can take the products and go. 

Although micromarkets are a new offering in the UK, ever evolving technology means a bright future for them. Soon they will available everywhere.