Expect the unexpected

It is difficult to put into words why Revive are not your average vending company. It's why we strongly encourage you to visit us at our offices in Downton, Salisbury. Sometimes seeing is believing. 

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Our Coffee

Yes, we really do create great tasting drinks with our Eco-Roasted Coffee. Our friends over at 918 Coffee developed the eco-roast idea in 2012 when they began to develop a technology for harnessing the energy stored in waste coffee grounds to produce the heat required to roast fresh coffee beans. Fairtrade, yes of course, for us it has to be. We care very much about our own staff so why wouldn't we want to help coffee growers in the developing world as well. 

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Our products 

Customer needs are changing and the demand for healthier products are rising fast. Leading brands still have a place but our range of healthier products are driving sales like never before. 


Our Service

Good customer service happens when your staff enjoy their job and the company they work for. We work hard on our culture so that our staff work hard for you. 

Our Values


Encouraging healthier lifestyles

Quite simply this is our passion. We all know that as a country we eat too much and exercise too little. To reverse the obesity epidemic something has to change. Whilst vending has not caused the problem, it has its part to play. We believe that vending can be used to change attitudes, help educate and provide genuine healthy alternatives.

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From the possible latte levy to banning straws, the ‘war on waste’ conversation has swept the nation. We have already found a solution for coffee and tea waste, now we are working with our suppliers with the ultimate goal of zero waste. This includes finding ways of recycling cups, plastic and paper. 


Thinking differently

Imagine you are in a boat, flowing downstream with lots of other boats. Suddenly you see a boat full of people paddling upstream. Thats us, we don't go with the flow. New technologies are new because someone went against the flow and saw a different view. It can take a lot of courage to be different but it's a lot more fun.