The Vending revolution

We've had over 25 years to work out exactly what people really want from vending. Step this way for cashless payments, the best service, healthier food and wait for it... stylish machine surrounds. Thats just a taste of what you expect from Revive. We are incredibly flexible so if you can't quite find what your looking for give a ring - we may just surprise you. How we work - Listening to market trends. Working with people to find out what they want.


The ‘war on waste’ conversation has swept the nation. From the possible latte levy to banning straws, everyone is talking about it. People are finally taking protecting the environment seriously, and that is definitely something to celebrate! We have started to work with our partners with the ultimate goal of zero waste. This includes finding ways of recycling cups, plastic and even the used coffee grounds and tea leaves 

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The Look and the machines

 We know our stuff. Our machines are the best of the bunch. The latest technology allows us to make sure they are stocked... 

Get me a coffee

Eco roast here? Do we repeat this twice?

Technology for the future


Healthy now

Vending doesn't need to sit in a corner.