In South East Tanzania lies a small town called Mtwara. Dusty tracks lead to poor rural villages around the town. Many problems face the people who live here, but for the children, all they want is an education. Set up in 2003, EdUKaid strives to improve the educational prospects of the most disadvantaged and deprived children in the rural, poor Mtwara region of Tanzania. 

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" 

- Nelson Mandela 

Revive has been a part of EdUKaid's journey, not only through fundraising events such as 'The Great Vending get Together' but also through providing office space and stationary. In this way, the charity’s overheads are kept very low and more of the money donated is sent to where its needed most.

EdUKaid's vision is for the world where every child should get the education they need to realise their full potential and attain the skills to improve their life's circumstances.