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Vending in SchoolsLong before a certain young chap appeared on a school dinner's programme, Revive had already started sourcing healthy products to vend through our machines in schools. With four young children of my own I could see how much our eating habits had changed since I was a child and it was painfully obvious of the part my industry had played in helping to create a nation of overweight people. Something needed to change and whilst my company could only make a tiny dent in the problem I wanted Revive to lead the way in encouraging our children to eat a healthier more balanced diet.

Three years later and we find ourselves at the forefront of a vending revolution in schools and Revive are leading the way. Having taken part in trials, given seminars and ran focus groups in schools we are now in a very strong position to give good, sound advice on how to make healthy vending work. And the good news is that healthy vending does work, children do buy the products and the machines can still provide a much needed income for the school.

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Drinks machines in schools and colleges reduce queues at meal times and breaks and relieve school catering staff to prepare food. They also remove the need for till points and avoid crowding at serving areas. Schools and colleges are free to stock the machines with their own choice of products or Revive can recommend and supply a range of suitable products.

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Revive Vending Schools Vending Schools Vending Schools Vending

Food Machines in schools can vend plated meals, salads, yoghurts, fruit, drinks, sandwiches or any chilled item suitable for schools.

The machines are fast and reliable and dramatically help with congestion at meal and break times as well as providing cold storage for freshly prepared items. Please contact Revive for advice on how vending in schools can benefit pupils and catering staff.

The Schools Food Trust publish guidelines for healthy eating in schools please click here for more information