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Healthy VendingMore and more of our customers are asking for healthier options within our snack and drink range and over the last few years we have sourced new products that offer a good alternative to traditional crisps, confectionary or sugary fizzy drinks.

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We can either integrate these products into a machine that also sells the products previously mentioned or we can install a stand-alone machine that only vends products, which promote a healthy alternative to traditional snacking and drinking. These products will be low in fat. added sugar or salt and wherever possible no E numbers.

Healthy VendingHealthy VendingHealthy Vending Healthy Vending

what makes a healthy balanced diet?

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Balanced diet photograph British Nutrition Foundation,, concept for the Balance of Good Health model, Food Standards Agency

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The Balance of Good Health is divided into five food groups: bread, other cereals and potatoes, fruit and vegetables, milk and dairy foods, meat, fish and alternatives, and foods containing fat and foods containing sugar. It shows the proportion and types of foods needed to make up a healthy diet. Foods from the largest groups should be eaten most often in the greatest amounts and foods from the smallest group should be eaten least often and in the smallest amounts.

The key message is the importance of a balance and variety of foods in the diet for good health. As can be seen most of our meals should be based on fruits and vegetables, and starchy foods with smaller amounts of meat, fish and dairy products. Foods that are high in fat and sugar should be eaten infrequently and in small amounts - consider them as treats.